Creating a campaign is the first step to requesting sponsored stories from a publisher. Organizing your projects by campaign allows you to easily manage separate projects and view all campaign data in one place, with the ability to view more data at the individual story level.

  1. Click on ‘Campaigns’ in the left-hand navigation
  2. Click on ‘New Campaign’ in the top right corner
  3. Fill in details for your campaign as follows:
    Name: The name of your campaign
    Start/End Dates: Dates you intend to run your campaign
    Overview: High-level details of your campaign
    Advertiser: Click ‘Add Advertiser’ to add in your brand; after saving, add in your brand’s social media URLs
  4. Hit ‘Save’

Note: At this point, you are simply creating a container for future story requests to be filed under. You are not yet sending information to any publishers.

Adding Team Members to Your Campaign

Once you've added users to your organization, you can assign them to specific campaigns. Users with an 'Administrator' role are able to view all campaigns in an organization, whereas 'Standard' users will only be able to view campaigns they are specifically added to.

  1. Click on ‘Campaigns’ in the left-hand navigation
  2. Click on the 'Add User' icon as below
  3. Select Team member from dropdown list
  4. Assign the role per user for this Campaign:
  • Collaborators have full access to the story briefs, message activity and reports,
  • Report Viewers are only able to view reports for published stories.

Next Step: Adding Campaign Assets

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