Once your campaign has been created, you’re ready to select a publication from StudioStack’s Marketplace and send through a story request.

  1. Click ‘Marketplace’ in the left-hand navigation
  2. Scroll through the list or filter by Location, Topic, Gender, Income or Age to pick out the publication best suited for your campaign. You can also click ‘View Full Profile’ to find out more information on a publication, including demographics and audience size.
  3. Click the ‘Request Story’ buttom on the publisher profile you’ve selected
  4. A ‘New Story Request’ screen will open where you will fill in the following details:
  • Campaign Details – Select your campaign from the dropdown list, or ‘Add Campaign’ to create a new one
  • Publication Details – Review publication name and package to ensure you’ve selected the correct publication
  • Story Details – Enter the title of your story, your anticipated go-live date, and upload your story file (Supported file types are doc, docx, pdf, txt or zip)
  • Creative Assets – Upload any additional files required for your story, such as high-resolution feature images or banner ads
  • Sponsored Footer – Select the footer created for your campaign, or ‘Add Footer’ to create a new oneAdvertising Tags – Select the tags uploaded for your campaign, or ‘Add Tag’ to add new ones
  • Trackable Links – Add any links from within your story to be tracked in your campaign

5. Click the ‘Send Request’ button in the top right corner to send your story request

6. Your story request has now been sent to the publication. You will receive an email notification when the request has been reviewed and either accepted or rejected, as well as when the story has gone live.

Next Step: Reviewing Story Details

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