Pressboard Boost allows advertisers to search for and boost organic press coverage posted on publishers’ Facebook News Feeds. Making your organic Posts available for boosting is as simple as granting access to your Facebook Page.

Note: Before proceeding check with your Pressboard account manager to ensure we've received your signed Letter of Agreement. If you don't have one, reach out to and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

If you are new to Pressboard and your publication does not already have a Marketplace profile, follow all of the steps below. If you are an existing customer and your publication already has a Marketplace profile, please proceed to Step 4.  

  1. Log in to your existing StudioStack account OR sign up for an account.
  2. Create a Marketplace profile and add your publication(s) to your profile. If you wish to make your Marketplace profile 'public' so you can receive RFPs from advertisers, you must 'Request Verification' for your publications. Note: A public profile is not required for Pressboard Boost; your profile can remain private.
  3. Add Users and Assign User Roles to ensure your sales team can Receive and Respond to RFPs via the public Marketplace if you've elected to have a public profile. 

Now you're ready to complete the final steps in the set-up process. 

4. Connect your Facebook account to each of your publication profiles. Note: The person attempting to make the Facebook connection must be an Admin of the Facebook Page(s) they are trying to connect.

5. Pressboard will send a 'Page Advertiser' permission request to your publication's Facebook Page. Log in to Facebook and find the access request in your Facebook notifications, and accept the request. Again, only an Admin of the Facebook page will see this request.

And voila! Your organic Facebook Posts will be accessible to advertisers searching for coverage of their brand.

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