What is StudioStack?

StudioStack is the full-stack tech solution for content teams. 

It’s the only platform designed to streamline every aspect of the content campaign process. From researching publisher partners, to sending Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and reviewing the responses, to measuring the success of your programs, StudioStack empowers your content campaigns to run more efficiently than ever before.

Research and Compare Publisher Partners

StudioStack is integrated with the Pressboard Marketplace, a one-stop-shop for advertisers planning their branded content campaigns. View publisher information such as site ranking, audience demographics and pricing packages across hundreds of premium publications.

Send RFPs at the Click of a Button

Advertisers can quickly and easily send an RFP through the Marketplace. Send potential partners information about campaign objectives, timelines and requirements and review their proposals all in one place.

Collaborate on Content Campaigns

StudioStack's dashboard lets you manage hundreds of stories at once, without breaking a sweat. With intuitive workflows, multi-user access and reporting dashboards, the platform centralizes your entire campaign management process.

Access Real-Time Reporting

Forget having to request weekly reports — StudioStack measures engagement in real-time. See exactly how engaged the audience is across a wide range of content metrics including scroll depth and active reading time. Easily share live reporting dashboards with your team members.

Own the Data

StudioStack accepts third-party tags from a variety of sources including AdRoll, Google Floodlight, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, AdWords and more. Integrate these tags into your campaign to gain even greater insight into the performance of your stories. 

What do I need to do to get started?

  1. Visit https://manage.studiostack.com/users/signup 
  2. Fill in your details — be sure to select 'Marketer' as your organization type
  3. Click ‘Sign Up’
  4. Click the verification link sent to your email  (Note: Make sure to check your junk folder just in case)
  5. Get started with your first campaign 

The email address used during the sign-up process will receive all Pressboard notifications (additional users can be added later by following these steps).

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