What is StudioStack?

StudioStack is the full-stack tech solution for content studios. 

It’s the only platform designed to streamline every aspect of your content business. From sales automation to campaign execution and distribution, StudioStack empowers your content studio to run more efficiently than ever before.

Manage Your Campaign Workflow

StudioStack's dashboard lets you manage hundreds of stories at once, without breaking a sweat. With intuitive workflows, multi-user access and client reporting dashboards, the platform centralizes your entire campaign management process.

Become More Profitable

Use the amplification tool to sell additional reads on evergreen content time and time again, without incurring additional production costs. Every incremental reads-only campaign delivers a better profit margin than the sponsored content itself, using no extra resources.

Monetize Your Existing Audiences

Our proprietary story amplification tool connects with your Facebook page to automatically generate ads to promote your sponsored or editorial content. This lets you drive guaranteed traffic at the click of a button — without relinquishing control of your audience.

Measure Everything That Matters

Forget clicks and impressions — StudioStack's dashboard measures exactly how engaged your audience is across a wide range of content metrics including scroll depth and active reading time.

Generate New Revenue

StudioStack is integrated with the Pressboard Marketplace, a one-stop-shop for advertisers planning their branded content campaigns. Showcase your publication's content offerings and drive new leads to your sales team.

What do I need to do to get started?

  1. Sign up for a StudioStack publisher account. This creates your free Marketplace profile and lets you use the StudioStack technology suite on a free-trial basis

    2. Add StudioStack’s JavaScript and sponsorship tags to your website            

    3. Add custom content packages to your publication profiles in the

    4. Start receiving buys from advertisers or share your publication profiles
         with your own prospects 

    5. Collaborate, publish and share stories

    6. Provide the advertiser with real-time access to the robust reporting

Next Step: Signing up as a Publisher

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