By default, a test campaign will be added to your campaigns list. This allows you to test that the StudioStack code is working and preview how sponsorship messages (“Presented by” and footer) will look on your article pages.

To ensure that your sponsorship messages are appearing:

  1. Click on ‘Campaigns’ in the left-hand navigation, then click 'My Campaigns' and choose 'All Campaigns
  2. Click the ‘Review’ button in your test campaign
  3. Click ‘Accept Story’ in the top-right corner of the page. Find a page on your website that doesn’t receive much traffic to use as a test URL. Ensure the StudioStack code has been added to this page
  4. Add the live URL of that article under the ‘Reports’ tab of the test campaign 
  5. Review the article page on your website and check that a footer has appeared on the bottom of the page — this means the code has successfully been added 

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