If you're a publisher in StudioStack, have already accepted and published a story from an advertiser and are awaiting payment, please review the process below for collecting your payment.

Note: Each StudioStack bill is tied to an individual story and is assigned a unique PBID# (Pressboard ID).

IMPORTANT: StudioStack processes story payments based entirely on the data shown within the platform. We are not able to process external insertion orders, contracts or invoices received from publisher's sales or accounting departments. All StudioStack campaigns are bound by our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Please ensure that your internal records match the details in StudioStack to avoid any issues.

Step 1:
Banking Information:
Pressboard processes payments via ACH/direct deposit to your company bank account. If you have not previously provided Pressboard with your banking information, or if that information changes, please send an e-mail to accounting@pressboardmedia.com with the following details:

Your Publication Details:

  1. Your organization name/publication name and complete billing address
  2. Your accounting contact full name and e-mail address

Your Bank Information:

  1. The name of your financial institution and complete address
  2. Branch/transit number
  3. ABA Routing number
  4. Account number
  5. Currency of account

Any questions or follow-ups regarding status of your direct deposit set-up should be directed to accounting@pressboardmedia.com

Step 2:
Requesting Payment:
In order to receive payment, a publisher will be required to send a note to Pressboard's accounting team (see above). In the payment request note, please outline the following details: 

  1. Campaign/Advertiser name
  2. Publication name
  3. 4-digit PBID associated with each unique story in the campaign

To find the PBID of a story, use the followings steps: 

  1. Go to 'Campaigns' or find the campaign using the search bar at the top of the platform view
  2. Once you've found the campaign, click on the story's 'View Reports' button
  3. Copy the 4-digit PBID as seen in the URL (screenshot below)

And... you're done! 

If you have any questions, or haven't received a requested payment, please follow up with accounting@pressboardmedia.com and quote your PBID#.

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