StudioStack’s story amplification tool integrates with your Facebook Page to enable your team to deliver high-quality reads to your content at the click of a button. The process is simple: choose the story, set the campaign parameters and budget, and set it live. StudioStack does everything else. Getting started is easy: just follow our four simple steps below and you’ll be set up and boosting in no time.

Step 1: Connecting Your Account

The StudioStack story amplification tool works by creating a new Facebook business partner account for your organization, which will integrate directly with StudioStack. The set-up process requires you to be an admin of your company’s Facebook Page and — should you wish to connect multiple Facebook Pages — to have access to your company’s Business Manager Settings. 

To get started, log in to StudioStack and click on User Profile in the top-right corner of your screen, then select 'Admin Settings' and proceed to the 'Amplifications' tab.

Click on the 'Promotions' tab, and then click the 'Configure' button.

Step 2: Granting Access

Next, click on the 'Connect Facebook' button to grant access to your Facebook Page. You’ll be prompted to enter your Facebook log-in details, or, if your browser is already logged in to Facebook, you’ll skip the log-in screen and proceed to the information review stage. Click the 'Continue as [Your Name]' button, review the info you’re providing access to (which is all Page advertising-related) and click 'OK' to continue.

3. Adding Ad Account Details

Next, add your ad account details. Select the primary Facebook Page for your organization from the pull-down menu, which should list all the Facebook Pages you’re currently an admin of, then select your business vertical and time zone. You’ll have the option to add additional Pages after this step. Click 'Configure' to proceed.

Pending a brief review period (typically one business day or less), your account will be approved and ready to use!

Step 4: Adding Funds to Your Account

The next step is to add funds to your StudioStack account so your team can start boosting stories. If your team is new to Facebook ads, we suggest adding a smaller budget to start, which will limit accidental overspend.

Step 5: Connecting Additional Facebook Pages

If your organization manages several Facebook Pages, you can connect additional Pages to your StudioStack account by adding StudioStack as a partner in your Facebook Business Manager. To get started, copy your newly generated business ID from the platform.

Then log in to Facebook and go to 'Business Settings.' Under accounts, select 'Page' and choose the Page you would like to connect. Click the 'Assign Partner' button, then click the highlighted blue text at the bottom left of the box that pops up.

Paste your new Business ID into the field and select 'Page Advertiser' as the role from the drop-down menu. Press the 'Connect' button and voila — you’ve added the Page to StudioStack.

When you refresh your StudioStack page, you’ll see that the new Facebook Page has been added to the platform. It’s now available to use in future ad campaigns.

Next Step: How to Use the StudioStack Story Amplification Tool

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