The RFP Tool in StudioStack allows you to quickly and easily send RFPs to vendors within the Marketplace. All your RFPs are saved and managed in one place, allowing you to review the status of an RFP at any time and follow up with the vendor directly.

Here are the steps for sending an RFP in StudioStack:

  1. Select ‘Marketplace’ from the left-hand navigation
  2. Using the search function or filters in the Marketplace, select which publisher you’d like to RFP (Tip: Here’s an article with more information on our Marketplace functions)
  3. Click ‘Request Proposal’ when viewing a Publisher's Media Kit 
  4. Fill in the details of your RFP, including:
  • Advertiser: Who’s sponsoring the story (i.e. the brand, Tip: If you haven’t added an Advertiser before, click ‘Add Advertiser’)
  • Title: Title of your story or campaign
  • Expected-by date: The date by which you need a proposal returned
  • Campaign start and end date: Timeframe that you’d like the story to be in market for
  • File attachment: Any supporting documentation for your RFP
  • Notes: Any additional notes you’d like the publisher to be aware of when crafting their proposal
  • Contact details: Contact details for whom the publisher should reach out to for more information, if required

    5. Hit 'Send'

The RFP request will now be sent to your selected publisher. You can view and edit the details of the RFP at any time by clicking on ‘RFPs’ in the left-hand navigation.

Note: You can edit or withdraw your RFP at any time before it’s been accepted by going to the 'RFPs' section in the left-hand navigation and clicking the 'Sent' button.

Next Step: Reviewing and Accepting a Proposal 

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