Receiving an RFP

Incoming RFPs will automatically appear under ‘Opportunities.’ When a new RFP is received, all of the publication’s users with sales roles will receive an email notification.

To review the RFP:

  1. Click on ‘Opportunities’ in the left-hand sidebar 
  2. All new RFPs will display a “new” status. 
  3. Click ‘Review’ to see the details
  4. Click the ‘Submit Proposal’ to respond to the request or click ‘Reject’ to refuse it (Note: Before deciding to respond to or reject an RFP, we recommend following up with the advertiser via email or over the phone. They may be able to amend the RFP or provide further details)

To respond to the RFP:

  1. If you’ve decided to respond and submit a proposal, click the ‘Submit Proposal’ button
  2. Add campaign details including start and end dates, and any notes relevant to your proposal 
  3. Add publications you’d like to include in the plan as well as package details. If you want to include a different package than those available, you can add new pricing packages under the ‘Publications’ tab
  4. Click ‘Send’ to submit your proposal to the advertiser 
  5. Once the advertiser approves the proposal, you’ll receive a notification and a campaign will be automatically created under your organization in ‘Campaigns.’ By default, the campaign is shared with the advertiser who sent the RFP

See also: Creating Campaigns in StudioStack

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