The Pressboard Marketplace is accessed through StudioStack. The Marketplace is a powerful research tool, allowing you to easily review and RFP multiple publishers in one place. Publishers set up their own profiles, including their audience demographics and social following, giving you the ability to compare publishers against one another using the same metrics. Say goodbye to hunting down media kits and finding the right contact at each publication – the Marketplace is always up to date.

Note: The Marketplace can be found at any time by clicking ‘Marketplace’ in the left-hand navigation.

Curated Lists

The first things you’ll see when you open the Marketplace are our curated lists. These are created by the team at Pressboard and group together publishers with similar topics, making it easy to quickly review grouped publications which may relate to your campaign targeting. 

New Publishers

Just below our curated lists, you’ll find a “new publishers” list. This list automatically updates when a new publisher has been approved to join the Marketplace.

Publication List 

Below “new publishers,” you’ll find every publication in our Marketplace. This list includes over 300 publications in North America, which can be viewed by simply scrolling through the page or by filtering and sorting based on your campaign targeting.

Sort by Audience Segments

Quickly sort the list of publications in our Marketplace based on the audience you’re looking to reach by using our sorting functionality. This tool arranges the list of publications by location, gender, age and income level. This data is pulled through the publisher’s Google Analytics account, or through SimilarWeb if their Google Analytics hasn’t been connected yet.

Filter by Topic or Price

Clicking the small arrow next to “filter by topic or price” will open two filtering options: topics and price range. Each publication chooses the three most relevant topics to add to their profile based on the content they cover. Filtering by a specific topic will allow you to see the publications that have included that topic on their profile.

Filtering by price range allows advertisers to quickly view publications which only fall within the specific price point listed. These prices are based on the pricing package added to each publisher’s profile.

Next Step: Reviewing Publisher Profiles 

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