After you’ve selected a publisher you’re interested in working with, either through filtering in the Marketplace or by searching directly at the top of the page, you can view their profile for more information. The information found in a publisher’s profile is added by the publisher’s team, and any data is updated on a monthly basis. 

To view a publisher's profile, simply click ‘View Full Profile’ next to any publisher in the Marketplace.

Style Guide

Most publishers in the Marketplace have opted to include a style guide in their profiles. If they have, you’ll see a ‘Download Style Guide’ button. This information can be used to help guide content creation. If you’re providing your own content to a publisher, use this guide to align it with their tone and formatting (grammar, spelling, etc.). We strongly encourage you to review the style guide to ensure your content will be accepted by the publisher.


There are three rankings provided in every publisher profile, pulled from SimilarWeb, which compare them against other websites on the internet. 

These rankings are:

  1. Global Rank: Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites in the world
  2. Country Rank: Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites in the country
  3. Category Rank: Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites in its category

Traffic Data

Each publisher profile contains monthly traffic data, including the percentage change in traffic from the previous month. This data incorporates:

  1. Total visits (sum of all visits, non-unique, per time period analyzed)
  2. Traffic share (percentage of incoming traffic from desktop vs. mobile)
  3. Monthly visits
  4. Monthly unique visits
  5. Average visit duration
  6. Average pages per visit
  7. Bounce rate


When comparing publishers, it’s important to note the demographic of the readers engaging with each publication. The demographics report allows you to easily review where readers are based, as well as their gender, age, income level and social traffic. 

Pricing Packages

Publishers have the ability to create pricing packages within their profiles to display the standard amount they charge for a sponsored story on their site. By clicking the drop-down arrow next to the amount in their profile, you can see what’s included in their package (banners, social sharing and/or distribution).

Latest Stories

Any previous stories which were booked through the Marketplace will appear in the publisher’s profile under “latest stories.” These stories are a great indication of the type of content that works on their site. They also give you an idea of what your story will look like when it goes live. 

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