Now advertisers can send an RFP directly to publishers in the Marketplace. When the publisher’s proposal is approved by the advertiser, a campaign is automatically generated and shared between your organizations, making collaboration and performance tracking a breeze.

NEW for Publishers: Proposal Tracking

Publishers can easily see the status of existing RFPs in the ‘Opportunities’ tab, and proposals that are awaiting advertiser approval in the ‘Proposals’ tab. 

NEW for Advertisers: Campaign Groups 

We’ve introduced Campaign Groups to make it easy to manage multi-publisher campaigns. Simply add campaigns to a group to view them together and track aggregate expenses.

NEW for Advertisers: Get the Full Story with Custom Reports

Create Custom Reports and see cumulative performance data across numerous stories and campaigns. Reports can be saved for easy access by teammates across your organization.

NEW for Publishers: View Performance Data in the Sales Summary

Creating an on-the-fly sales report is quick and easy with our Sales Summary tool. View aggregate revenue reporting across your organization or filter by individual advertisers or publishers.

NEW for Publishers: ‘Sales’ Role

With the launch of the RFP tool, we’ve added a new user role called Sales which designates which team members can receive and review RFPs submitted by advertisers. This role is ideal for publishers with larger sales teams, where RFPs can be received by a single point-of-contact and assigned to team members.

See also: March 15th, 2019 Release Notes

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