Adding trackable URLs to your story allows you to view click data for outbound links within StudioStack's reporting.

  1. In the Campaign Management area, under the Assets tab, click ‘Add Link’
  2. Assign a name to this link and copy the original destination URL into the Link section (Tip: Use a name which is easy to reference back to the page you're linking to)
  3. Click ‘Add’ in the top-right corner of the page to save your work

Once you’ve added trackable links at the Campaign level, they will need to be assigned to story(s) AND the custom versions of the links (adserver.pressboard) must be implemented via your CMS:

  1. Click the 'Details' tab of a story, then click 'Edit' and scroll down to the ‘Trackable Links’ section
  2. Click the 'check-box' next to each applicable Trackable URL (this is where precise naming of the link comes in handy)

Trackable link clicks will only be recorded in your dashboard if they come directly from a Pressboard story. If you copy and paste the link into a browser, or click on it from anywhere other than a story, it will still redirect but it won’t register as a click within 'Reports'.

    3. Copy the Tracked URLs (adserver.pressboard) into your Word document or directly into your CMS as the new destination URLs for hyperlinks where applicable in the story

Note: Trackable links must be added to the story page by the publisher. If you're a User with a Buyer account (Agencies, PR, Brands), you can create Trackable Links in a shared campaign, but be sure to let the publisher know they must utilize/implement the Tracked URLs (adserver.pressboard) by using the commenting feature on the 'Details' tab of the campaign.

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