Pressboard Boost allows advertisers to search for and boost organic press coverage posted on publishers’ Facebook News Feeds. Making your organic posts available for boosting is as simple as granting access to your Facebook Page.

Note: If you don’t already have a StudioStack account, you’ll need to sign up before you continue. 

  1. Connect Your Facebook Page

You will need to have Administrator access to the Facebook Page(s) you would like to connect to Pressboard Boost. Navigate to the gear icon in the top right of the screen and select 'Connections' from the dropdown menu. 

Select the ‘Boost’ tab and click the ‘Add Page’ button, followed by the ‘Add Facebook Login’ button.

Log in to your Facebook account. 

You will be asked to verify which Facebook Pages you would like to connect. Note that only Pages that you have Administrator access to will be available.

Verify that StudioStack is allowed to access your Page, and click ‘Done’

That's it — you're all set up! All organic Facebook posts created from this time forward will be pulled into the Pressboard Boost dashboard and made available to advertisers for boosting.

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