Client orders are placed directly in StudioStack by users who have been assigned the 'Client' role, which grants access to a limited number of an organization's publications, as decided by an Admin user. The Client role is ideal for an organization with a large sales team with sales reps limited to selling packages in a specific geographic region, for instance. Client orders are approved by a 'Sales' role user before they are converted into a campaign.

When creating a Client Order, enter the Marketplace by clicking the tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Select the publication you would like added to the order and click 'Place Order'

You will then be prompted to complete the Client Order details including your name, kick off call time, campaign start and end date, brand overview, objectives, target audience and high-level notes. 

Once these details are entered, select the advertiser you will be collaborating with from the dropdown menu.

If you don't find the advertiser in the drop down menu, simply click 'New Advertiser'. 

This will allow you to enter the advertiser's name and provide you with the option to include the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram profiles.

After the advertiser is selected, you will choose your Pricing Packages.
Here you select the publication, package, and quantity for your order. Once these details are included, the total price will automatically generate based on your choices.

Once your details are entered, press 'Send'. 

Finally, you can see the brief submitted which includes a summary of all your order details.

Once the client order is approved, a campaign is automatically generated based on the contents of the order. 

That's it! You've now created a client order. 


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