Now that you've set-up your campaign and verified that it is collecting reader engagement data, follow these easy steps to retrieve the raw data in a .CSV format in three separate areas of the platform. 

The area from which you can retrieve the .CSV data is dependent on your account type and the results in the .CSV will span across the following types of reports:

Daily Reads: Data is exported as rows outlining the results of each DAY of activity across EACH story URL as part of the campaign.

Lifetime Summary: Data is exported as rows summarizing each STORY's results to-date. Each story's engagement across the campaign duration is combined into one row per every unique article URL that is part of the campaign.

Publisher account type instructions:

  1. Story level - Only pulls raw data for a particular story.

i. Click View Reports.
ii. Click on the first icon under 'Reports' (see the icon highlighted below) 

2. Campaign level - Pulls raw Pressboard data for ALL stories in a particular campaign container. 

i. Click on 'Manage campaign' icon (Step 1).
ii. Click on 'Download CSV' button from the drop-down (Step 2)
iii. Choose from either 'Daily Reads' or 'Lifetime Summary'

Note: You can download both type of .CSV break-outs, separately. 

account type instructions:

  1.  Campaign Group - Pulls raw Pressboard data for ALL stories grouped together as a Campaign (Note: Campaign Groups is a feature that is only available in Buyer account types and usually consists of Campaign containers shared with the Buyer account from a Publisher account)

i. Click on 'Campaign Groups' tab on left hand navigation
ii. Create a new Group and add assorted stories


iii. Proceed directly to download the .CSV for an existing Campaign Group by clicking through on the Group name to access its .CSV download button


iv. Click the 'Download .CSV' button to the right hand side of the Group name under Campaign Groups list.

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