New integrations this month feature Instagram and YouTube. 

In addition to our existing data sources such as Facebook Pages and Twitter Profiles, you can now bring Instagram Post & Story analytics into your reporting dashboard. 

Instagram Story analytics become available after 24 hours once the story expires. Due to the ephemeral nature of these posts, we pull and archive them every hour and make them available for you to add at your convenience. 

For video metrics, in addition to Facebook video analytics, you can now add YouTube video analytics to your reporting dashboards. 

We have simplified the configuration experience for adding your various data sources. The Data Sources tab in the new Admin Settings panel consolidates all your integration settings in one place.

Pressboard Analytics is now available independently of the Marketplace and can be used on owned and sponsored properties for measuring in-depth content analytics in a consistent manner across all your content campaigns. 

We have introduced a new self-serve Subscription Management option to the new Admin Settings where you can use StudioStack on a PAY AS YOU GO basis or upgrade to a subscription package for access to premium features and discounted pricing.

You can access the new settings experience by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the screen.

From there you can personalize your instance of StudioStack, manage your subscriptions, Marketplace profiles, data sources and amplification settings.

We have also made changes to the Client Order submission process to make it easier and faster to use. Salespeople and users with "Client" role can simply fill in the required fields in the new form with custom text to communicate all aspects of a sold campaign's details to your Content Studio. A Project Manager can then 'Approve' the order and both Sales/Content Studio can begin collaborating on campaign production.

Other noteworthy updates:

  • We have introduced Properties as a way to tag where your stories are running. Previously this was achieved by selecting a Publication when creating a new Story. Publications are now exclusively a Marketplace feature and bear no relation to campaigns and reports. In combination with the newly decoupled Pressboard Analytics, you are able to create multi-channel campaigns that measure performance for stories running across owned and partner channels within a single and easy to manage reporting dashboard. 
  • We have simplified Marketplace RFPs to focus on connecting marketers and media publishers and stay out of the transaction details. We believe a more direct vendor-brand relationship produces the best partnerships and results. 

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