NEW - More progress Tracking Metrics

Previously, platform Users could only set a 'Reads' or 'Views' goal on a story. 

As of April, we have updated the 'Goal' button to allow you to measure progress against the following additional metrics (and several more): 

i.   Pressboard Reads or Unique Reads
ii.  Pressboard Average Scroll
iii. Pressboard Link Clicks/Clickthrough Rate
iv. Promotions Impressions or Clicks or Clickthrough Rate
v.  Facebook Post Impressions or Clicks

... and more!

To set a custom metric goal, complete your campaign set-up as usual, including booking stories/posts. Then click the 'Goals' button as seen in the screenshot below. In the pop-up window, click the drop-down under 'Metric' and select the metric that most closely aligns with your campaign objective. Lastly, type in a quantity under the 'Goal' field and hit 'Save'. 

NOTE: In order to select a particular metric as a 'Goal', that metric must be actively tracked in the story's 'Reports' tab. Learn more on how to add various data sources to your campaign (click link to open Help article). 

NEW - Revamped Search Results

The universal search bar (very top of platform) has been updated to work in the following ways: 

i.    Dedicated button to View ALL results
ii.   Keyword highlighting
iii.  'Load More' button within search bar results to page through results (where applicable)

NEW - Layered Report Filtering Experience

In addition to NEW report filters like the ability to sort engagement by Device Type and Traffic Source, Users can now select and layer multiple filters. Here is the updated list of filters:

i.    Location
ii.   Time Spent
iii.   UTM Campaign
iv.   Device Type
v.    Traffic Source

Once you have selected a filter, click the (+) icon again to add another filter. 

NOTE: The filtering functionality is only available within the Pressboard Analytics area of your story's Reports tab (click the 'graph' icon). 

Now that you're all caught up, please reach out to us with any feedback on these new features and functionalities. You can use the Intercom button (purple icon in the bottom right corner of your account) to start a conversation with one of our Customer Success representatives. 

You can also check out our previous release notes to see if you've missed anything from our March release! 

Thank you,

Pressboard Team 

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