Once you have connected your Google Ad Account(s), the Ads Manager integration will allow you to report on the following metrics in aggregate:

i.   Impressions
ii.  Clicks
iii. CTR % 

You can also observe more granular results by clicking the graph icon as seen in the example above. Performance on connected Line Items is further broken out by:

i.   Daily Performance
ii.  Locations
iii. Devices
iv. Ad Unit

Once your Google Ads results are brought into the reporting dashboard, like all other external data sources in StudioStack, results can also be pulled into Custom Reports  as 'Highlights' (at the top) or as individual 'Report Components' (dedicated sections like graphs, charts, etc) further down in your Custom Report.

Connecting your Google Ads Manager to StudioStack is easy. As an Admin User of your account, start by clicking on your User profile (top-right), then click Admin Settings > Data Sources > Google Ads Manager > Add Network > Add Google Login

In the window that opens, follow the prompts to authenticate your Ads Manager log-in. If successful, you will be presented with a list of your existing Ads Manager accounts. Click the (+) icon next to each account to complete the connection of that account to your StudioStack instance.

Once accounts have been added, head over to any campaign and click 'Add Line Item' under the Google Ads Manager section of a story's 'Reports' tab. You will be asked to select a Network, Order ID and Line Item ID  - and don't forget to hit 'Save'!

Connecting Ads Manager Accounts to your StudioStack account

Connecting Line Items in Google Ads Manager section under Reports:

We hope this integration helps to effectively streamline all your promotional activity in one place, and that you enjoy using it. If you have any feedback on this feature, please use the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of the platform to speak with one of our Customer Success representatives.

Thank you,

Pressboard team

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