StudioStack has several external data sources that are made available to Users as reporting integrations. These include Facebook Ad Accounts (dark post reporting) and Google Ads Manager to name a few.

As each of these external sources has their own unique set of available reporting metrics (with some overlap in terms of "Impressions", "Clicks", etc), Pressboard's Product team is working to separate each respective external source into its own section under the Reports area of campaigns.

1) As of May 12th, 2020, Facebook Ad Accounts reporting is the first external source to now be separated from the Promotion Analytics area, into its own designated space (see screenshot below).

2) For those Users who have connected their FB Ad Accounts, one major change is the removal of the 'UTM' field. However, Users may continue to append UTM_Campaign parameters to ANY traffic driver including their Facebook dark posts and have the ability to filter by that traffic source's results in the Pressboard Analytics dashboard. Doing this will allow you to observe how many of your external promotion's Clicks are converting to Reads (Page-Views).

Read this article to learn how to connect your Facebook Ad Account to your StudioStack and begin pulling in dark post results to then share with clients via a Custom Report (Share URL).


The Facebook Ad Set reports are much richer than was previously available under the Promotion Analytics dashboard area. The new report components are:

  • Costs: The average CPM, CPC, Cost per Landing Page View, and accumulated Spend of all the ads/posts in the ad set.
  • Daily Impressions: The impressions on all the ads/posts in the ad set, plus Link Clicks and Click Through Rate (CTR). Important note: the Link Clicks and CTR displayed here and in the report highlights are not all the clicks on the ads/posts. Link Clicks are a subset of all the clicks and only exist if there are links.
  • Video Views: The daily views on videos, if there are any in the ad set. It includes 15 seconds and 30 seconds views, and average view time.
  • Video Retention: If there are videos, the number of views that watched certain percentages of the videos.
  • Reactions: The number of reactions, shares, comments and saves of the ads/posts in the ad set.
  • Locations: Where the impressions came from, broken down by country and region.
  • Devices: Devices used to view the ads/posts.
  • Demographics: The age bracket and gender of the viewers.

Note: These NEW report components are not yet available in the Custom Reports feature. They will be added shortly following this update.

[UPDATED] ALL Facebook Ad Set components are now available in Custom Reports.

If you have any questions or feedback on this update, please use the Intercom button (purple icon in the bottom right corner of your account) to start a conversation with one of our Customer Success representatives. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

Pressboard team

P.S - You can see past platform update release notes here.

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