Pressboard's Marketplace serves as a free research and discovery tool for Advertisers and a lead generation tool for Publishers/Content Studios.

Publishers create their Publication's as profiles, set those profiles 'public' in the Marketplace and wait for Advertisers to RFP them to begin collaboration on a campaign. This functionality remains unchanged as part of the Marketplace.


As of June 2020, Publication profiles have been evolved a few steps further to include several NEW functionalities such as the ability to:

(I). Add visuals and links to Editorial content from across your sites AND connected social channels

(II). Add recent Brand Collaborations as case studies

(III). Share Media Kits (profiles) externally

(IV). Observe analytics on Media Kits engagement to understand how many times a shared Media Kit was viewed and clicks on the links within each Media Kit

These functional design updates will further aid a Publisher's sales team in easily creating beautiful, dynamic digital Media Kits that can also be shared externally as a stand-alone URL experience, with any Advertising prospect.

Here are some examples and more information on each of these new features:


Users can add up to 12 samples of editorial content once they connect at least one type of Data Source to their account (Facebook Pages for example). Showcasing editorial themes and content across your sites and social channels is a great way to introduce an Advertiser to the overall quality of your journalism and another proofpoint in why your audience might be a good fit for their campaign.


When a User connects Data Sources to their StudioStack, they can then opt to push site and social data into their Media Kits showcasing quantitative traffic/follower attributes that Advertisers also take into consideration when determining whether a Publisher's overall audience is a good fit for their campaign's objectives.

Users can connect their Google Analytics profiles, Facebook Pages, Instagram profiles and YouTube Channels to Media Kits.


Brand Collaborations are like mini case-studies that prove the power and efficacy of your sponsored content program offerings by allowing you to highlight the results of a successful campaign (upto a maximum of 5).

Note: In order to add campaign 'Highlights', the campaign must have been successfully measured as a Campaign in your StudioStack account. Once the campaign has run its course and provided you have the brand's permission, 'Highlights' can then be pulled from various data sources such as Pressboard Analytics, Google Analytics, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube analytics, into your Brand Collaborations area of Media Kit(s).


The Pricing area of Media Kits allows you to showcase Pricing Packages which are a Publisher's various Products and Advertising solutions. If you already have Media Kit(s) (publication profiles) in our Marketplace, chances are you already have Pricing Packages that can be easily added to your share-able Media Kits.


COMING SOON - In June 2020, all your created Media Kits will be share-able outside the public Marketplace. Once a Media Kit is shared, Users will also be able to see how many times your Media Kit was viewed and the links clicked on. Viewing a Media Kit inside the Marketplace requires an Advertiser to create a free account.


Here are some simple instructions that explain how to start creating your unique and share-able Media Kits:

  1. In Admin Settings, under Data Sources, you'll first need to add any Data Source to your StudioStack account
  2. In Admin Settings, under Marketplace, you should then Add Products and create Pricing Packages
  3. Next, click on the 'Media Kits' tab on the left hand rail and click 'Add Media Kit'
  4. In the Media Kit creation interface, add your editorial Posts, Brands Collaborations and Pricing Packages

Note: Insights will populate site/social data automatically based on the data sources you have added to your account and the sources selected while creating your Media Kit)

5. Click 'Save' and preview your Media Kit

6. If everything in your Media Kit looks as you'd expect, you then have two different ways to use your Media Kit(s):

A). Set each of your Media Kits 'public' in our Marketplace by going to Admin Settings > Marketplace > click Request Verification and then once your Media Kit is reviewed and verified by a Pressboard team member, click 'Make Public'


B). Generate a Share-able URL for each of your Media Kits by visiting the 'Media Kits' tab on the left hand rail, and start driving new business leads, independent of the Marketplace eco-system

On behalf of the Pressboard team, we hope you enjoy using our Media Kits feature as a sales tool to easily tell Advertisers your brand's story and convey the value in collaborating together. And as you create and use Media Kits to drive business forward, please reach out to our team with any feedback on your experiences.

Thank you,

Pressboard team

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