New to StudioStack this month:


Users can now independently connect their Nativo account to StudioStack as a reporting integration which will allow you to report on the following Nativo metrics by selecting a Campaign ID, Budget ID and Ad ID:

i. Impressions (aggregate by Ad)

ii. Clicks (aggregate by Ad)

iii. CTR (aggregate by Ad)

iv. Daily Impressions

v. Locations

vi. Devices

vii. Page-Views (if applicable)

Note: Where available, the metrics outlined above are also available in Custom Reports as their own individual 'Reporting Components'.

Beyond Nativo, and as of this release, all other Promotional data sources such as Polar, AdMedia, Facebook Ad Accounts and Google Ads Manager will reside in their individual sections whereas previously all these data sources were housed under a general 'Promotions' section.

Note: While Users will no longer be able to add a UTM_Campaign parameter to their promotions within StudioStack, you can continue to apply UTM_Campaign parameters natively to the destination URL of each promotion's ads/posts which will allow a reporting User to filter by that promotion's results using the UTM filter in the Pressboard Analytics dashboard.

With your Nativo client "Token" and "Secret" in hand, proceed to Admin Settings > Data Sources > Nativo Analytics to establish the connection to your Nativo reporting account. Once connected, User can immediately begin pulling in Nativo data and metrics into your reporting dashboards.


In May, Pressboard made updates to the Facebook Ad Sets reporting integration to include several new 'Reporting Components'. These components have now been made available as their own individual sections that can be added to Custom Reports. Please visit the article linked above for a recap of these newly available metrics and sections.


Users can now see the aggregate sum of audience engagement metrics (Reactions, Shares, Comments, Total Interactions) on article URLs shared across the entirety of Facebook.

Note: This section of the reporting dashboard will only populate in the presence of an article URL being plugged into the Pressboard Analytics area. Simply paste an article URL into the Pressboard Analytics area and StudioStack will automatically trigger collection of these aggregate metrics for you.


The Pressboard team has been hard at work revamping Publication profiles in the Marketplace to include NEW functionality and features, like the ability to:

i. Share a Media Kit externally (and view statistics on Page-Views, Clicks, etc)

ii. Add Editorial Posts from your site AND social channels (Facebook/Instagram)

iii. Add Brand Collaborations (mini case studies)

If you haven't had a chance to learn more about enhancements to Publication profiles, you will want to check out this article.


As always, if you have any questions or feedback on any of these updates, please use the chat feature (purple icon in the bottom right corner of your account) to start a conversation with one of our Customer Success representatives. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

Pressboard team

P.S - You can review past platform update release notes here.

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