Clients will request a publishing date (launch date) when booking a content placement. On the launch date, you need to upload the story to your website, publish it and input the URL into Pressboard. Posting the URL to Pressboard connects the Pressboard platform to your CMS to add the sponsorship assets and capture analytics.

  1. Publish the story to your publication the same way you would normally add content
  2. Add the exact URL as it appears on your website in the ‘Reports’ tab of the original story request
  3. IMPORTANT: The URL must match exactly, otherwise the sponsorship assets will not display and the analytics will not be shown in the reports. Do not change the URL of the sponsored story after it is live and posted in Pressboard. If your website has a separate mobile URL, or another desktop URL directing to the same story, please add both URLs to the campaign (e.g. A story is published as ‘’ on desktop and ‘’ for mobile)
  4. Click ‘Add’
  5. Share the story on Facebook, with a handshake connected to the brand’s page
  6. Select the Facebook post from the feed in the ‘Report’s tab

Note: Pressboard does not currently track Instant Articles on Facebook, please ensure the sponsored post is not an Instant Article.

Next Step: Viewing Reports

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