Receiving a story request

Incoming campaign requests will be added to your campaign list. When a new campaign is received, all of the publication’s collaborators will receive an email notification.

  1. Click on your Organization name in the left-hand navigation
  2. Click ‘Review’ next to the Story Request
  3. Review the details of the story request in the ‘Details’ tab

Reviewing a story request

On the details tab of a story request, you’ll find all of the information regarding the campaign and the story. Review all information before accepting the campaign.

  • Campaign Details: Displays the campaign name, advertiser name, campaign description and associated URLs
  • Story Details: Displays the topic of the story, the expected go-live date and the article copy available for download
  • Files: Any additional files to support this story, including hi-res images or banner ads where available
  • Sponsored Footers: Preview the sponsored message that will appear at the end of the story, if available
  • Fees: Summary of pricing package. To download a Purchase Order, navigate to the Billing section and click 'Download Purchase Order' as in the screenshot below. For more Billing information please visit this article

Accepting a story request

To accept a story, click the ‘Accept Story’ button on the details tab. To reject the story, click the ‘Reject Story’ button. If you have additional questions you can message the buyer via the activity tab.

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