StudioStack’s code needs to be added to your sponsored article pages. Once you post the article’s live URL in a given campaign, the StudioStack platform automatically serves the relevant sponsorship messaging (presented by and footer) onto that URL, if applicable, and begins to track data within the platform.

  1. Click the 'gear' icon in the top-right corner to access your Organization Settings
  2. Click on the ‘Publications’  tab
  3. Click the gear icon on the right-hand side of the publication for which you're retrieving the javascript. Note: Each publication profile will have its own unique 6-digit Media ID in their respective javascript. 
  4. On the 'Details' tab, click the ‘Get Code’ icon
  5. You will now add the StudioStack code to your CMS:
  • If your CMS is on WordPress: Download the StudioStack Stories plug in and take note of your Media ID.
  • If you are using another CMS: Click on the 'Other CMS' tab and add the Javascript, sponsorship tag and sponsorship message tag to the template of the article pages in your CMS, as described in the platform.

5. If all three pieces of are placed as instructed, the system will automatically confirm the code has been added within 24 hours

Reminder: You must have access to your publication’s CMS article template in order to complete this final step.

Next Step: Testing StudioStack’s Javascript Code

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