Pressboard’s Story Marketplace is an online store where advertisers and agencies discover and buy content placements from premium media publishers.

How it works

Advertisers discover publishers through the Marketplace. Your publication has its own profile showcasing reach, audience and rates. Advertisers can quickly and easily make a purchase through the Marketplace. The performance of each story is tracked automatically.

What advertising product is sold in the marketplace?

The Pressboard Story Marketplace offers advertisers the ability to publish brand-provided content on a publisher’s site. As a publisher, you will receive buy requests from advertisers, review their story and publish it on your website. Publishers will also include a Facebook share and a “handshake” to the advertiser.

What do I need to do to get started?

1. Sign up for a Pressboard publisher account
2. Add Pressboard’s JavaScript and tags to your website template
3. Add your rate to the Marketplace
4. Start receiving buys from advertisers
5. Accept, publish and share those stories
6. Receive your payments automatically through Pressboard

Next Step: Signing up as a Publisher

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